Printed Circuit Board

The ink is developed for various rigid boards and flexible boards, and provides high-reliability products.

Solder mask ink include UV types, Thermal curable types, traditional photomask and photomask-free exposure and development types. The ink composition is halogen-free and complies with EU RoHS regulations. It is suitable for gold or silver electroless plating, OSP, lead-free HASL, pure tin plating or electroplating gold and other processes. In addition, it has heat-resistant, heat-conducting, non-discoloration, and high-reflective solder resist ink, which is suitable for LED products. In addition, for plug hole, metallic luster, spray coating, dry film type solder resist ink, and low dielectric (low Dk) and low loss (low Df) solder resist ink for high frequency and high speed boards, or various board insulation inks , to provide customized products.

Legend (Etch Resistor) ink include UV types, thermal curable types and exposure-developing inks, which are easy to remove ink. Available in screen printing, spraying, inkjet and roller coating types, suitable for etching copper, steel or ITO, etc. to make fine lines or patterns. For selective gold electroless plating process, heat-curing or exposure-developing inks are also available.

Marking inks include UV types and thermal curable types, including screen printing and inkjet types. The fonts are clear, stereoscopic, and have high opacity. The patterns are high-resolution, heat-resistant, and solder-resistant. The gloss is controllable, and the color is bright and not easy to change.

Light-emitting diodes (LED)

LED packaging materials respond to the development of the electronics industry and provide timely products. The encapsulant is easy to harden completely, does not change shape, does not change color, and has high light transmission. The diffusing agent has high transparency and uniform gloss. The dye has bright color and high light transmission, which enhances the LED function.

Electronic components

Taiwan's first passive component coating development factory, in line with the development of the electronics industry, grasps the pulse of the market. Coating products keep pace with the times, are suitable for automatic production lines, and have the characteristics of quick drying, easy operation and superior electrical properties. In view of environmental protection, coating products comply with EU RoHS regulations.