Company Profile

Chung Yu Industry was established in 1980, which coincided with the budding period of Taiwan‘s electronics industry. In order to cope with the coming electronic age, we are committed to the research and development of electronic insulation chemicals with a forward-looking perspective. Became the first company in Taiwan to successfully develop LED encapsulant materials, RCC coatings, and expand number of multiple PCB application inks.

In the electronics industry, our company provides high-tech and high-reliability products to customers who adopt new processes and have needs for precision chemistry.

We have accumulated a great number of research and development achievements and practical experience, adhere to the high standards of continuous research and development, professional technology, and pursuit of quality, and are recognized by customers. Our products are sold in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and India...etc.

Chung Yu Industry has ISO international certification, and fulfills the CSR corporate social responsibility norms. It hopes to create a win-win and multi-win model with customers and all colleagues through the service concept of "one small step". The responsibility and obligation of "taking the society and using the society" in response to future industrial changes.


1971 Established the company

1972 Established Zu Yu chemical Corporation-Changan Factory in Hukou, Hsinchu County

1980 Established Chung Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. in Zhongli District

1993 The R&D building was completed

1997 Obtained ISO certification

2008 Established Everrich (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

March 2010 Revised to ISO9001:2008 certification

April 2018 Revised to ISO9001:2015 certification

2023 Obtained ISO14001:2015 certification

Business Philosophy

Chung Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of inks, and also a technological pioneer in domestic ink production. It occupies a pivotal position in the field of ink production and can provide customers with the best sales service and supply channels at any time. In addition to the strict quality control and inspection system, it also has a strong R&D team, which can provide technical consultation and quality assurance according to customer needs.


In addition to emphasizing breakthroughs in self-development, the company also actively introduces ink technology up-to-down integration between new technologies and the industry; it is hoped that the company can under the dual driving force of continuous improvement of technology and continuous improvement of equipment, squeeze into the world level ink factory ranks.


We hope to form an invisible cohesion under the unity of all employees, and turn this cohesion into quick response to problems and active service to customers. To face the challenges of market changes and meet customer needs.

Sustainable management

Chung Yu Industry is willing to grow through product diversification and internationalized with the society, and is willing to share the growth and profits with all employees and customers are more willing to fulfill their corporate obligations in terms of social responsibility.


Integrity, Integrity, R&D and Innovation, Quality First, People-Oriented.

Corporate Social Responsibility Letter of Commitment

Chung Yu corporate social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility, referred to as CSR) means that the company should "take from the society and use it from the society", not only making money for shareholders, but also contributing to the sustainable development of society and the environment.

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

●The workplace adheres to the principle of integrity.

●Protect company assets, reputation and goodwill.

●Integrity business.

Labor rights and interests

1. Comply with internationally recognized human rights standards and refrain from participating in or supporting any human rights violations. And respect the dignity of every worker strictness, privacy and legal rights.

2. Do not employ young laborers and child laborers under the age of 18 to work.

3. Do not use violence, threats, or illegal restrictions on personal freedom to force or disguise forced labor.

4. Working and rest time, basic salary protection and social insurance. The company abides by the local laws and regulations on working hours.

5. Prohibition of Discrimination System and Behavior.

6. Do not interfere with employees’ right to abide by beliefs and customs, and will not interfere with employees due to race, color, social class, nationality, religion, physical disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, trade union membership, political affiliation or Discriminatory treatment for any other reason.

7. Respect employees of different races and different religious beliefs, and provide necessary convenience and conditions in customs.

Health and Safety

1. The company shall provide a healthy and safe working environment and take necessary and effective measures to reduce the potential hazards in the working environment as much as possible under the conditions, and avoid health hazards caused by employees at work or work-related accidents.

2. Provide employees with occupational health and safety training in their native language, and post health and safety-related information in conspicuous places in the workplace; workplaces where chemicals are used, should post safety data sheets (SDS) written in the native language of employees in conspicuous places.

3. Establish a mechanism to detect and prevent potential hazards that may endanger the health and safety of employees.

4. Provide employees with appropriate personal protective equipment at work to protect the health and safety of workers. When employees are injured due to work, the company must provide first aid and assist them to obtain follow-up treatment.

5. Provide workers with an adequate number of clean restroom facilities, clean drinking water, and sanitary cooking utensils, food storage facilities, and tableware.

6. Staff dormitories, if provided, must also be kept clean, safe, and provide appropriate emergency exits, hot water for bathing, adequate heating and ventilation, and appropriate and accessible private spaces.

Environmental protection

1. Environmental Permits and Reporting
The company obtains, maintains and renews all required environmental permits (such as discharge monitoring), approvals and registrations, and complies with their operating and reporting requirements.

2. Prevent pollution and save energy
The company reduces and eliminates all types of resource consumption and pollution (including water and energy) at source or through practices such as improving production, maintenance and facility processes, replacing materials, saving resources, recycling and reusing materials.

3. Hazardous substances
Identify and control the release of hazardous chemicals and other materials into the environment to ensure their safe handling, transport, storage, use, recycling or reuse and disposal.

Business Ethics Requirements

1. Business Integrity
The highest standards of integrity must be observed in all business interactions. Any form of bribery, embezzlement, extortion, theft, abuse of power and improper benefits are prohibited, including money, gifts, commissions, positions, services, preferential treatment, kickbacks, etc. in any form or name.

2. No improper interests
Suppliers shall not offer improper benefits obtained by accepting bribes and/or other improper means

3. Intellectual Property Rights
Respect intellectual property rights and abide by relevant international laws and regulations on the protection of intellectual property rights.

4. Privacy and Information Security Protection Law
Commit to reasonably protecting the reasonable privacy expectations of personal information of all business related personnel, including customers, suppliers and workers. When collecting, storing, processing, transmitting and sharing personal information, the company shall abide by the laws and regulations related to privacy and information security. The employees of the company shall keep confidential the confidential information and properly keep complete business and operation records.

5. Responsible Sourcing of Minerals
To formulate a "conflict-free minerals" policy, the company shall not purchase or use conflict minerals, and requires its sub-suppliers not to purchase conflict minerals. When necessary, it shall conduct due diligence on the source and chain of custody of these minerals, and provide specific measures for due diligence.

Supplier Social Responsibility Management

1.The company should refer to this statement to manage suppliers.

2.The company should try its best to ensure that the suppliers can meet the requirements of this standard within the scope of its control and influence.

Principles of Social Responsibility Procurement

Newly introduced suppliers should refer to this statement and carry out certification according to the supplier's on-site audit standards. If they do not meet the requirements of this procurement guide, they must formulate an improvement plan to improve within the specified time, otherwise they cannot become our qualified suppliers. . Under the same conditions in all aspects, companies with better performance in social responsibility are given priority as cooperative suppliers.