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PCB油墨 LED封裝材料 電阻、電感、電容(RCC)塗料


Company Profile

Chung Yu Industry was established in 1980, which coincided with the budding period of Taiwan‘s electronics industry. In order to cope with the coming electronic age, we are committed to the research and development of electronic insulation chemicals with a forward-looking perspective. Became the first company in Taiwan to successfully develop LED encapsulant materials, RCC coatings, and expand number of multiple PCB application inks.

In the electronics industry, our company provides high-tech and high-reliability products to customers who adopt new processes and have needs for precision chemistry.

We have accumulated a great number of research and development achievements and practical experience, adhere to the high standards of continuous research and development, professional technology, and pursuit of quality, and are recognized by customers. Our products are sold in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and India...etc.

Chung Yu Industry has ISO international certification, and fulfills the CSR corporate social responsibility norms. It hopes to create a win-win and multi-win model with customers and all colleagues through the service concept of "one small step". The responsibility and obligation of "taking the society and using the society" in response to future industrial changes.